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The town is quite famous for its guavas, which are also known as ‘Madhopur Guavas’ in Rajasthan. The region is home to the famous Ranthambore Fort and also for the Ranthambore Fortress, which is a majestic piece of architecture. There are a few places in and around Sawai Madhopur such as Khandar Fort, Trinetra Ganesh Temple, Sri Mahaveerji Temple, Amareshwar Mahadeo, Siwad, Chauth Mata Temple and Trinetra.

Agra has a rich historical background, which is amply evident from the numerous historical monuments in and around the city. Though the heritage of Agra city is linked with the Mughal dynasty, numerous other rulers also contributed to the rich past of this city. Agra was founded by Sikandar Lodhi (Lodhi dynasty; Delhi Sultanate) in the 16th century. Babur (founder of the Mughal dynasty) also stayed for sometime in Agra and introduced the concept of square Persian-styled gardens here. Emperor Akbar built the Agra fort; Jahangir beautified it with palaces and gardens. Shahjahan marked the zenith of Mughal architecture, when he built the Taj Mahal. The post-Mughal era of Agra saw the rule of the Jats, Marathas and finally the British taking over the city.

Mini Kerala - Value Added


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Starting City Delhi
End City Kerala
Place Covered Delhi -- Kerala
Cities 2
Days 5
Start From INR 24015/-


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